Thanks & more!

Thank you everyone who participated the third Tampere Peace Perspectives student conference organized by TIPSY, Iltakoulu and Interaktio!

Special thanks goes to the keynote speakers Wendy Kroeker from Canadian Mennonite University for an inspiring speech and Maria Mekri from Safer Globe for an interesting intake on EU’s peace operations!

A big thank you also to the the cornerstone of the conference – the student speakers Nadja Mikkonen, Nina Huhtinen, Tuulia Lerkkanen, Silvie Kroeker and Silke Jungbluth! It was really nice to see such diverse perspectives on peace and conflict. Thank you for everyone who helped organizing the event and Juho Takkunen and Lucija Mulalic for chairing the conference.

You can find pictures of the conference as well as some of the presentations that were filmed live here.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at next year’s conference. Until then, peace out!


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