Tampere International Peace Student’s Yawl (TIPSY ry or simply TIPSY) is a student association which represents the students of the Peace, Mediation & Conflict Research Master’s Degree Program (PEACE) at the University of Tampere.

As the student association for the PEACE students, we aim to represent the academic interests of the students while working in conjunction with the staff of the Tampere Peace Research Insitute (TAPRI) through such channels as steering committee membership and the attendance of quality control meetings.

Additionally, we represent the social interests of the PEACE students by organizing social events that both bring together students of the program as well as students from other associations.

TIPSY holds regular (usually bi-monthly) meetings to update all members on the ongoing work by the TIPSY board regarding academic affairs and social events. For incoming students who wish to join TIPSY, the membership requirement is a one time fee of €5.