Update Jan 18th, 2017:

The application period for presenters has now closed but we are still looking for discussants!

If you are interested in being part of the conference and commenting on other students’ work – with topics such as reconciliation, trauma, identity, and refugees – then sign up by emailing your name and major/programme to by February 1st!

Enhance your academic competencies – participate in Tampere Peace Perspectives!

If you are interested in presenting your research, e.g. your thesis, school paper or published article, outside the classroom, enrol to speak at Tampere Peace Perspectives!

Students or recent graduates may participate by presenting their own research or by commenting on other students’ work as discussants. The scope of the conference is broad: we seek to explore various approaches to peace and conflict and other related issues, ranging from the interpersonal to the international level. Thus, speakers, discussants and attendants come from a range of disciplines such as International Relations, Peace Research, Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Sociology etc.

Participate as a presenter and/or discussant by emailng the following info to

  1. Your name and major/programme
  2. Are you interested in presenting and/or discussing
  3. Your presentation topic and a brief description of it (only if possible)

The research that your presentation is based on need not be finished during enrolment time. The deadline for enrolment was January 15th and unfortunately we cannot accommodate any further incoming presenter applications.