Thanks & more!

Thank you everyone who participated the third Tampere Peace Perspectives student conference organized by TIPSY, Iltakoulu and Interaktio!

Special thanks goes to the keynote speakers Wendy Kroeker from Canadian Mennonite University for an inspiring speech and Maria Mekri from Safer Globe for an interesting intake on EU’s peace operations!

A big thank you also to the the cornerstone of the conference – the student speakers Nadja Mikkonen, Nina Huhtinen, Tuulia Lerkkanen, Silvie Kroeker and Silke Jungbluth! It was really nice to see such diverse perspectives on peace and conflict. Thank you for everyone who helped organizing the event and Juho Takkunen and Lucija Mulalic for chairing the conference.

You can find pictures of the conference as well as some of the presentations that were filmed live here.

We are looking forward to seeing you again at next year’s conference. Until then, peace out!


What’s on 2017?

Dear friends,

we are excited to announce the official, final program of Tampere Peace Perspectives 2017! This year, the conference is taking us to topics as diverse as journalism and TV debates in Finland, reconciliation in Canada and childhood war memories, smartphone refugees and queer muslims. And this does not even include our excellent keynote speeches!

Check out the program here and make sure you save the date!

Keynote speakers announced!

Friends, we are proud to announce finally that Wendy Kroeker and Maria Mekri are giving the keynotes at next month’s conference. Read more on their truly impressive work here.


Wendy Kroeker, Instructor in Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies, Canadian Mennonite University in Canada.


Maria Mekri, Executive Director, SaferGlobe.

Call for discussants

The application period for presenters has now closed but we are still looking for discussants!

If you are interested in being part of the conference and commenting on other students’ work – with topics such as reconciliation, trauma, identity, and refugees – then sign up by emailing your name and major/programme to by February 1st!

Being a discussant is both an easier and harder job than presenting. On the one hand, you obviously do not need to have done the research that went into the paper being presented. But on the other hand, you should take the time to dive into the paper and critically evaluate its claims, methods and more! Why not give it a try?

2017 Conference on the horizon!

2016 is slowly coming to an end and one thing is certain: there is a lot to talk about!

That’s why we are happy to announce that the Tampere Peace Perspectives preparatory committee has already taken up its work for the next conference in February 2017. Though still four months away, we are excited to tell you that Tampere Peace Perspectives will go truly international for the first time, with a keynote speaker visiting us from abroad!

Keep the peace up and stay tuned!

Preparatory workshop on Feb 17th!

Friends, we kindly invite all presenters and discussants at Tampere Peace Perspectives to a preparatory workshop in Linna K107 on February 17th, 11.00-12.00. TAPRI’s PhD student Ilaria Tucci will discuss the process of an academic conference to assist with any issues you may have.

If you are interested in participating, please email millar.stefan.x (at) for more information. You can also take a look at the list of presentations already confirmed to get a rough idea about this year’s two major themes:

Peace in Practice

  • Riikka Marjamäki – Opening Keynote
  • Jouni Montonen – Sensitivity in Peacekeeping Operations, the Importance of an Individual.
  • Nironjon Islary – Ethno-Political Perspective of Boro-Adivasi and Boro-Muslim conflicts: A study in Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) Assam, India.
  • Charlie Elkins – Neither 2 States or 1: The Search for Human and Civil Rights in the Holy Land.

Local Issues, Global Phenomena

  • Johannes Lehtinen – Second Keynote
  • Ilya Drozdov – Natural Resources, Interaction Between Local Communities, Authorities and Business.
  • Jenni Viitala – Community Resistance Against Gold Mining in Cajamarca, Peru.
  • Lucija Mulalic – No future in Croatia: How is the Croatian State Failing its Asylum Seekers and Refugees in their Integration Processes.

Another keynote speaker!

As preparations for the conference are picking up, we are proud to announce another keynote speaker!

Johannes Lehtinen is a researcher from the SaferGlobe Research Network, with a personal focus on arms trade and arms control. Find out more about him here!

Johannes Lehtinen

Want to share your own research with others or show others how they can improve their work, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere? Participate!


  • Are you interested in speaking at or simply attending a simulated conference?
  • Would you like to present your research (e.g. thesis or paper) outside the classroom?
  • Are you interested in networking outside your program?

If so, enrol in Tampere Peace Perspectives!

Students may participate and gain credits by presenting their own research or by commenting on other students’ work as discussants. The scope of the conference is broad: we seek to explore various approaches to peace and conflict, ranging from the interpersonal to the international level.

Enrol simply by sending an e-mail to Stefan Millar ( In your message, provide the following information:

  1. Your name and program/major
  2. Are you interested in presenting and/or discussing a presentation?
  3. Your presentation topic

The deadline for enrolment is Sunday, February 1st, 2016.

More information can be found here.